The Great Razer Giveaway! Win a Razer Anansi Keyboard and Naga 2012 Mouse

By on July 27, 2012 at 11:40 am

Thanks to Razer, we’ve managed to score five Razer Anansi keyboards and five 2012 edition Razer Naga mice to give away to our handsome audience members.

Five lucky readers will walk away with an Anansi keyboard and Naga mouse prize pack, all set to both kick ass and take names in their game of choice.

How do I enter?

It’s easy! Along with the prizes, Razer quietly confided in us that they were about to run out of poisonous snakes, spiders and other animals to name their products after, and asked if we could help out with some brainstorming.

So all you need to do to win is, in 150 words or less, leave a comment on this article that names and describes the next gaming product that Razer should release. Words only please, no pictures allowed – but feel free to be as descriptive and imaginative as possible! We’re pretty certain Razer aren’t going to rush any of your ideas into production tomorrow, so feel free to be unrealistic or suggest technology that may not (but perhaps should!) exist yet.

The five best entries, as chosen by our judges, will each walk away with a prize pack containing an Anansi keyboard and Naga mouse.

How long do I have?

The competition closes at 11:59PM (Adelaide time) on Sunday August 5. Winners will be chosen and announced the next day.

What’s this Razer stuff all about?

For more info on the Anansi and the Naga as well as the rest of the Razer range, why not check out our massive review of their hardware?

125 comments (Leave your own)

Sounds awesome! Sadly, just bought myself a black widow ultimate =-( but good luck to everyone!

On a side note, is anyone else having troubles viewing the main page on chrome?



In forefox, pages and pages of white space.


Razer Lazer

Pew pew!


How about a customisable head-mounted (glasses/helmet) HUD system. Think prototype F35 fighter-pilot stuff, or google-glass but turned up to 11.
Games would be reduced to rendering ONLY the environment, no health bars or ammo counters. Everything else would have to come from the HUD (Hardcore mode could just leave you in the dark with minimal details. Imagine how much better surround (multi-screen) gaming would be where the HUD elements change depending on where you look. Nevermind how awesome stuff like MechWarrior would be. Add head tracking to this and my god, I’d never leave my chair. Games like Deus Ex would suddenly feel like YOU have all the cool tech, not staring at a screen, remote-controlling a guy who can do these cool things.
The possibilities would be endless. Hell, even spreadsheets could be made awesome with it.




Disable the adblocker. :P


I think Razer should give Wacom some real competition in the pen tablet market by introducing a cheaper, just as capable product. This could give them a share of the digital media development market and introduce their product line to a completely different market. In any case, the name for their next product could be the Medusa.


Introducing the dual wielding hand-mouse, the Razer Gemini! Why use only one pathetic mouse when you can have two for both hands!? Imagine the possibilities of having TWO cursors on-screen for all your gaming NEEDS! Now you can TRULY DOUBLE CLICK! Aaaaand since it’s a HAND-MOUSE, all five fingers will have a button right on your fingertips! But it doesn’t stop there! We’ve introduced the revolutionary PALM BUTTON! For when you really need to face-palm (not recommended literally)! Amaze your cat/dog as you wave your hands on the table as if you’re cleaning! Your cat/dog be flabbergasted that you can combine the Art of Cleaning while fragging on COD4! Get one, no TWO, today!


Coming soon from Razer: the Razer suit! Don this sucker and every move you make gets instantly transferred to your in game avatar. See what the bottom of his shoe looks like, even when the computer is switched off! (Bam! There it is!) Full force feedback to experience every blow your character experiences. Fashionable enough to wear in public without too much ridicule. Don’t delay, preorder yours today! The Razer suit – dress sharp!


The Xenopeltis Bonaparte named for the highly iridescent Sunbeam Snake (Xenopeltidae (Bonaparte), Xenopeltis, Unicolor) is the ultimate RTS mouse. At home both in purging Xeno scum and commanding the armies of France.

This mouse is designed to maximize your RTS experience with unit selection keys by your thumb for selecting Infantry, Cavalry, Siege Cannons or simply builders to make a bigger gun. Combine this with two right mouse buttons (one for move, one for attack), better than surgical precision, adjustable scroll rates all in a single package combined with iridescent lights that make you feel like your staring at a real Sunbeam Snake.

Turn on the lights, impress your foes just before you surround them and constrict them to death.


A 5″ Multi-Touch Display. It will provide a window for both information and control.

For example it could display the view from a targeting computer of the A-10C you are piloting, or an overhead view of the batte that you can draw on to help command your units.

It could also be used as a hardware monitor to view current temperatures, network traffic etc, or as a photo frame.

I’d call it the Razer Varanus (Monitor Lizard, har har har)


Imagine being able to game anywhere at any time. No consoles, monitors or clunky peripherals.
This is where Razer’s latest development comes in, the Razer-band. A pair of retractable wrist bands that when retracted are no bigger than a modern USB stick.

Utilising interactive holographic technology, your environment is displayed in front of you; completely open to your touch. Built-in voice integration allows you to communicate with in-game characters and issue verbal commands. High quality audio and wireless technology transmits the audio directly to the audio-balls which sits comfortably in your ears.

Micro-cell fusion batteries allow for a lifetime of use without the need of recharging.
All game data is stored directly onto the bands, or can easily be uploaded on the fly to the Razer-cloud for easy access from any Razer-band device.

Never has gaming been so convenient or comfortable.
Be the game. Be the future. Be Razer.


Teaming up with Dr Who, Razer should definitely make a Mouse/TARDIS-esque gaming product, where, with the click of mouse 4 you can Teleport back in time to a Frag on you that would have left you normally rage quitting; but would now let you correct your aim and claim that kill for yourself. Think of lag as dead. *salivates*


Introducing the Razer Transformer! Transformer by name and Transformer by nature this peripheral set literally transforms as the worlds first all in one peripheral set! This ordinary looking keyboard and mouse set can be changed and altered, some may say TRANSFORMED to meet any number of your gaming needs.

Following included instructions you can transform your keyboard into TWO controllers fully compatible with your PC or console of choice! The mouse? A handy joystick!

Want to take your flight skills one step further? Combine the mouse and keyboard for a true flight sim experience with a high quality flight yoke and rudder pedals!!!

What about a top of the range racing wheel set with belt driven force feedback, pedals, shifter and clutch I hear you say? Pfft, too easy. Anything and everything is possible with our revolutionary and patented design! PC gaming is not dead, prepare for the Transformation!


The new Razer B.L.A.D.E.Z.. Now you can game in comfort like never before, an all in one foot comfort and mobility system with inbuilt LED lights that sync with your other razer gear.. but thats not all, the B.L.A.D.E.Z are so comfortable to wear that your KDR will improve by 35%! next time your on the move the inbuilt B.L.A.D.E.Z pop out wheels allow you to get to that next important LAN or work meeting in style and speed! batteries not included, RRP $49.95


Ever annoyed when you’re playing video games, but maybe you’re supposed to be doing somethign else? Whether you’re a student with pushy parents or an employee with a boss that just won’t leave you alone, you’re definitely gonna want to check out Razer’s groundbreaking new product, the Razer Chameleon.

This amazing new invention consists of two parts, a monitor, and an eyepiece the size of a contact lens. The monitor sends data to the eyepiece so that only you, the user wearing the eyepiece, will be able to see the game. Anyone else who is nosing around will see a screen pre-set by the user, perhaps the homework you’re supposed to be doing, or that report your boss has been hassling you about all week.

The highly advanced and incredibly useful new Razer Chameleon is in stores now!


I would love to see a Razer product named “The Mantis”. Idea being they have really quick reflexes and Razer products boast fast reaction times.

I don’t really have a need for a new product, but I’d love to encourage Razer to add Linux support for their products so I don’t have to boot back into windows to change some on-board settings for my mouse and keyboard. This becomes all the more important if Valve successfully manage to bring some big titles to Linux over the next year and other developers begin to follow suit.


The Razor Razor

have fun shaving your sims with a real razor! designed by Razor, for razor enthusiasts.

(for pc and other consoles)


Razer Irukandji – An intuitive, highly-customisable, pressure-sensitive jelly touchpad to replace the mouse!


I think a purpose built gaming seat, or “The Throne” would be a great addition to the range. The Throne would have inbuilt speakers for surround sound, and vibration mode for gaming, as well as configurable buttons which could be used for applications such as ejection seat operation in games that involve flight. A fold away set of pedals will tuck neatly under the seat, and a steering wheel/joystick attachments would be made available. This is the seat for serious gamers, and offers serious comfort, and features to match. Rule your gaming experience from The Throne!



Still trying to figure out whether by ‘The Throne’ you also mean a toilet. XD Though someone’s actually already made a seat with surround sound speakers inbuilt and rumble I think. Game were selling them at the Castle Hill store before they went bust.


Behold, the holy grail of gaming peripherals, introducing the Razer Infinite. Using breakthroughs in neuroscience and quantum mechanics the Razer Infinite wirelessly intercepts the electrical signals travelling between the sensory organs and nevus system throughout the body and the brain; thus allowing the seamless immersion of all five senses into virtual reality in a perfectly safe manner. Enter the matrix, play God. The future is now, the possibilities Razer Infinite.

Technical specifications

Power Usage: 1.2 MW
Approximate Weight: 1600 kg / 3500lbs
RRP $90,000.00

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