Friday Tech Roundup (27 July 2012)

Nvidia GK104 Chip

By on July 27, 2012 at 6:05 pm

GeForce GTX 660 to be launched at Gamescom?

nVidia is set to launch the GTX 660 at Computex on August 16 according to well-placed sources within SweClockers, and more details of the card have been revealed. The card will have the same clock speed as the GTX 670 and have the same number of CUDA cores enabled, but the key difference will be in the width of the memory bus which has been reduced by 25% from 256-bit to 192-bit. TechPowerUp is predicting that the upcoming Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany will be used for an official unveiling.

Google launches ‘Google Fiber’ service

Google overnight revealed their plans for a new ‘Google Fiber‘ service, which is a Google’s own fibre-optic connection service that they claim is 100 times faster than today’s average broadband. The service is initially only rolling out in Kansas City in the USA, the service comes with Google’s own modem that allows you to record up to eight TV shows simultaneously, as well as a bunch of frankly fantastic options that demonstrate the power of fibre connections. There’s even a free option, assuming you’re willing to pay the $300 construction fee to get the hardware to your home. Yes, free internet. Alright then. Thanks, Novocaine.

Apple patents game controller

Oh Apple, you just can’t stay out of the games business, can you? GamesIndustry International yesterday revealed that Apple have been discovered filing patents for a game controller peripheral, one that looks suspiciously – okay, almost exactly like – that of the PlayStation 3. An illustrative diagram for the controller shows it interacting directly with an iPhone, so there’s no doubt that Apple intend to lock down the ability of controller-like peripherals to integrate with their hardware. The same patent also explores the possibility of using the iPhone as a universal remote, with what looks suspiciously – okay, almost exactly like – an Xbox 360 seen in the background. Alrighty then.

Intel i7-3970X revealed

A new report is claiming that the Intel Core i7-3970X will arrive in Q4 2012, claims DonanimHaber. The LGA2011 six-core processor will ship with clock speeds of 3.50 GHz, or 4.00 GHz with maximum Turbo Boost frequency. It is based on the 32 nm “Sandy Bridge-E” silicon, and, much like the Core i7-3960X, will come with HyperThreading, 15 MB shared L3 cache, and unlocked base-clock multiplier. Plus it’s got an X on the end, so you know it’s badass. X.

Razer launches new hardware

You’re probably sick of hearing about Razer lately, but they’ve just gone and announced two new products to be released later in this year and next: a 2013 edition BlackWidow keyboard (now with green backlighting instead of blue, much to James Pinnell’s delight) and the new configurable Ouroboros mouse. The Ouroboros comes with multiple configurable and detachable panels allowing it to change shape to suit all shapes and sizes of hands (as well as lefties) and a dedicated DPI clutch trigger that you can temporarily squeeze to change your DPI. Technology!

Samsung phones outselling Apple 2:1 in Q2 2012

Apple’s iPhones, normally viewed as a license to print money, were outsold at a staggering rate by Samsung in Q2 2012. Apple is still making money hand over fist in other departments of course, but news from the second quarter shows a drastic slump in iPhone sales of only 26 million units compared to 50 million from their rival Samsung, who they are currently engaged with in about fifty separate lawsuits across ten different countries internationally. Madness. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III smartphone shipped 19 million units alone, leaving many to wonder what Apple’s next move with the iPhone will be to regain momentum.

Thanks to our relentless tech moderator steve_rogers42 for sending through a bunch of links this week!

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yeah apple iphone sales have dropped.. why? because noone is going to buy a 4s when the 5? is going to be out soon.


Apple’s new game controller patents, more details on the nVidia GeForce GTX 660, and Google’s plan to enter the ISP market with Google Fiber.

What happened to the nvidia 660 info? Is it under the big grey Quicklinks/Followus/Affiliations/About bar (© 2012 iiNet Limited) that will not go away?
The 660 might be my next video card ;)


yeah apple iphone sales have dropped.. why? because noone is going to buy a 4s when the 5? is going to be out soon.

Not to mention most people who want one would have one already.


Some interesting things as usual. I can see Apple doing a games console and it selling well even if it isn’t any good just because it has the ‘Apple’ logo on it.


Haha! Apple isn’t happy with suing Samsung (biggest mobile phone company in the world) so they’re picking fights with Microsoft (biggest OS company in the world) and Sony (another huge company). And then there’s Google (via their patents trying to shut down Android)…

I hope they wipe the floor with Apple… using IP Law as a way to wipe out the competition is just shameful. IP law was put in place to protect the innovators and creators, not to put other people out of business. Shame on you Apple

I only wonder which company Apple is going to try and sue next, and how much of Apple will be left over when this is all over.


RE: Arkanis

Bet apple want a patent on the letter ‘i’ so they can sue everyone, every time we speak (or write). Heh


sucked in to the clowns that purchased an iPhone seeing how good the samsung s3 really is must hurt big time, suck bulldust


when crunching numbers the Intel i7-3970X is damn sexy.


Apple could easily enter the games arena and succeed.

Take a Mac Mini, give it the SuperDrive back (was removed in new versions of Mini), strap a bigger GPU to it and design an OS similar to the Apple TV’s iOS. That’s the hardware covered.

Build a subsystem of the existing App store to manage games distribution just like they did with the App/iTunes store. That’s distribution of games, updates and DLC taken care of.

Gabe’s already wanting more developers to build for Linux/Mac so there will probably be more games that will run natively on the iConsole (name and stylish TV ad pending :P ).

Use most of the existing Apple ecosystem features (iPhone controlling AppleTV etc) and that’s another selling point.

Within a few weeks people would have figured out how to jailbreak the console to run their own software on the Apple hardware just like every other platform (and Apple won’t care because warranty will be voided).

Its a possibility.


Why companies do not go through the patent office’s re-examination and review procedures to have crap like that disregarded.



$300 for google fibre .. sign me up … lol. (yes i realise it’s kansas only).

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