A whole slew of new stuff on the way for The Secret World

The Secret World

By on July 11, 2012 at 6:14 pm

There is a new post up at The Secret World blog, from Mr. Tornquist himself, outlining all the new features and upcoming changes that will be coming with future updates. And there are a lot of them. You’re better off checking out the post yourself for the details, but here’s a taste of what’s coming: There will be monthly mission packs, featuring fully voiced cut-scenes that will be entirely free. There are raids in The Secret World‘s future, with information about the first coming in August. There will be PvP dungeons and a handy dungeon finder, for all your dungeon-finding needs. Entirely new adventure zones are being announced in August, as well. Pets are being updated and upgraded, and combat will be getting the ol’ spit shine. That’s the bare bones of it, guys, so hit up the forum post and see for yourself what else is in store. Also, over at a different announcement there has also been another ‘dimension’ added called Leviathan, which will be marked as a roleplaying dimension very shortly.

Source: TSW Forum, TSW Blog

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This game has surprised me. I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much and yet I am finding it more and more enjoyable the more I play it.


Bought this last night, sounds really good and this article was one of the reasons, if funcom keep offering free content and lots of support and patches, then I can see this game being my new mmo.


I’m not one to pay subscriptions for games, but I have been waiting for this game for a while…

I’ll wait till there are 14 day trials or something that comes out and give it a go,


This game is the best MMORPG i’ve played – including Warhammer online, WoW, RIFT, TERA, SWTOR, Vanguard:SOH, Eve Online… and more. It doesn’t take much to get me angry at games for doing stupid things, and I’ve played this game for about 4 days straight (probably 10-15 hours per day – I’m on holidays) and haven’t gotten seriously angry with it yet.


Testing :)


This game is brilliant, was able to give it some play time this morning and really enjoyed it, nothing feels like a grind, because it doesn’t have a traditional levelling system, its brilliant. Best MMO to date imo. I hope this gets heaps of subscribers and eventually an australian server.


I also bought this after being told mostly negative things about it. I also am loving it. The quests and setting are fantastic. Turn off General chat ASAP if you dont want things spoilt for you though.

The game also looks fantastic at max settings. Love the tessellation use, particularly on beaches.

Village idiot

Stop all these positive comments. Jesus – im really needing a reason not to go out and buy this.


It will steal your life villageidiot, is that a good enough reason not to buy it? :P

Village idiot

It will steal your life villageidiot, is that a good enough reason not to buy it? :P

If this doesnt GW2 will… At least one of them isnt subscription i guess.

I do like how they give an option for lifetime membership though. probably worth it if it lasts for a year and a half or more.


Still enjoying this game very very much, looks like i’ll be playing this and gw2 at the same time….primarily gw2 but this game deserves my money.

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